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About Us

Olive Anatolian Restaurant, Modern Face of Traditional Service

The essential of Turkish cuisine, the blessing and value of the land, the flavor of tables – we embarked on our journey inspired by the olive, taking our name from it…

Nestled in the historical peninsula, the heart of Istanbul, from the Galata Tower to the Bosphorus, from Gülhane Park to Hagia Sophia, this delightful venue brings together all local and foreign guests with its magnificent panorama. It combines the traditional flavors of Turkish cuisine, making it a place of pleasure.
The olive from which we take our name is the essential beginning of our tables.

We present our prepared products by sourcing them from carefully selected local producers from various parts of Anatolia. Quality, freshness, and organic products come from our trusted suppliers. Our goal is to preserve the flavors of this country that have hosted many cultures, to uphold its traditions, and to bring these tastes together with our valued guests.

As a business that operates with a sustainable value creation approach, we have established a sustainable management system by working with all our employees, guided by the awareness of our responsibilities in social, environmental, economic, and cultural aspects.

With our enriched decoration, renewed identity, and a service approach that reflects the concept of SUSTAINABILITY by adapting to change, we have reopened for service on 09.08.2023.
As part of this change,

– Our menu consists entirely of unique tastes of Turkish Cuisine,

– Our restaurant capacity has been able to serve 120 people, so we would be hosted our guests on special days, meetings or group meals,

– We have added a rich vegan menu in addition to our menu,

– Our restaurant has been completely renovated with a romantic, friendly and stylish architectural decoration for a pleasant dinner,

– Our lobby and foyer area were renewed together with the terrace area of the restaurant.

– The ventilation, lighting and sound systems were renewed.

We hope you enjoy savoring our traditional delicacies while accompanied by the unique Istanbul view.